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21 / 05 / 1999 -
Opening : Institution / Architecture / Media / Program / Identity / ...

open haus

Architecture Renovation / Restructuring
Website concept / realisation for institution and program

"Shooters Bar" from Melrose Place TV Series (1997)
Mel Chin / GALA Committee

Audio Plug-In
Metal Machine Music (1975) RCA

Lou Reed.

Print Plug-In
Footnote Library 1 - "Spatial Narratives" (1991)

Mark Rakatansky

Video Plug-In
Trailer 1982 / 99

Künstlerhaus / haus.0


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"Shooters" - the Melrose Place Bar

The opening introduces the new meeting point of the haus.0 fourth floor, the newly installed bar from the "In The Name of the Place" project.  One of the most popular sets on the TV series Melrose Place, the bar was transformed into a history of the production and consumption of alcohol in America from 1700 - 2000.

"Shooters Bar" from Melrose Place TV series, instal. Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

"In The Name of the Place" is a complex collaborative project by The GALA Committee , initiated by artist Mel Chin for the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. The GALA Committee selected a prime time TV program, Melrose Place, as the site for creating a massive "condition of collaboration" among an array of individuals, institutions and interests, organized initially around the activity of developing and placing site-specific art objects on the program"s sets. During the two-season interaction, the art-enhanced weekly broadcast reached millions internationally.

Images from Melrose Place showing examples of placements from "In the Name of the Place" (1997)

Radically expansive in form, with diverse aesthetics and a wide range of audience / artist / television production involvement, "In The Name Of The Place" is an experiment that illuminates unexplored, creative territory at the intersection of museums, mass media and artistic action. The culmination of the project is the public auction of the collectively-made art works. All proceeds from the auction went to two non-profit educational organisations, The Fulfillment Fund and the Jeanette Rankin Foundation, to be used specifically to benefit women's education.

Cover and pages from Sotheby*s Auction catalog